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Quick and Easy Bike Storage

Casual Cycling : Gear Overload

Helmet Laws, in most cases, have actually decreased the overall frequency of cycling regionally. Their ubiquity has been cited as one of the main reasons preventing people from getting onto their bicycles. People want to get on and off their bikes without needing a backpack and loads of safety gear.


Grinding Your Gears:

The market is flooded with bags, panniers, and backpacks - but those are for long rides. Something quick and easy is needed for casual cycling.


An early prototype created pockets by wrapping around the triangular frame. Visually it was clumsy and didn't hold much. Redirecting some of the stretching power in spandex would be needed.

Stretch Fit

Frame geometry was exploited to redirect how the fabric would stretch. Originally the fabric wanted to slide forward, but adding a mounting point to the seat tube pulled it back in line.

Take it To Go:

Stash your keys, water bottle, and baguettes. No backpack required.

Quick Connect

Three points of contact with velcro make installation a snap.

Pockets Galore

Instantly add four pockets for a variety of small things you may pick up along the way.