individualized backpacks for the homeless, open sourced and built by anyone


Car Life

Homeless living in cars make up a large (but largely unseen) portion of the homeless population in SF. Important to those living in their cars is the protection of their remaining assets.

User Discretion Advised

Ideation explored a variety of do-it-all solutions and novel products to add extra utility in cramped spaces. What surfaced was the need for a discreet, unique stowage solution.

Cantilever Table 

A storage solution that comes to you! The mechanism would have needed to be too complex to justify its price.

Hygeine Pack

Not much more than a dopp kit. Important was its small size, manufacturability, and potentially low cost.

Tension Tote

A steam free ironing system. Tensioning fabric while slightly damp along one face will stretch out wrinkles. Doubles as a work surface or loose clothing caddy. It just didn't work.

Prototyping discoveries:

Yards of fabric can be made waterproof with silicone sealant, Gypsy snaps are quiet and discreet fasteners that allow for recursive mounting, and how gusseting and hidden batting can keep the insides of a bag secure whether it is full or empty, and a nifty little cinch that can function as a bottle opener, weapon, or stake.


Hackable Modules

The taskpack uses 9"x9" modules as a framework for each task. Need a bike kit? How about a small purse? A bottle holder for your bike? Go online to find other users who have created their own modules or use our sew-along guide and get creative!

Internal Components

As a kit, the taskpak is delivered with a wash basin (waterproofed with silicone), a mini folio, and an extra module. Each of these can be removed and snapped to the front.



In this instance, the bag is hung from a car window and the mirror used to shave.

The mini-folio holds a small book, a few pens, and includes a couple thoughtful pockets stash extra items in.


Spacious and Adaptable

Enough to pack your gear and a few non-essentials. Banana for scale.



Keep your Pop Secret Top Secret with the hidden pocket against your back. The Quick-Cinch strap is also secured against your back to thwart any would-be bag bandits.