Luna Lounge

Slowing festival art down

Luna Lounge

Set Design, Fabrication, and Hospitality


Slow Speed Festival

When you are looking to get away from the hard dance beats, this lounge gives you a space to chill. Inspired by Morrocan art and mosaics, this set was built to provide a stage for live jazz performers and pianists to serenade visitors from sunset to sunrise.

Designed and built as a team with Steve Frangos, Asia Maung, Chii Maene, Cyrus McGuire David Kaplan, Ping Yee, David Morley, Magic Madrigal, and Myself.


Digitized Synesthesia

The internal structure of the piano is visible through dichroic film, and illuminated with LED’s controlled with an arduino. Each key activates a different color that flows out in waves from the piano into the tables.



While the musicians worked their magic, the team also served hot cheese on bread and homemade ginger beer to the visitors.