fungi farm

Fungifarm by Home Grown

A Fruiting Chamber For Growing Mushrooms

Tailor-fit for Homeless-Rehabilitation Organizations

by Charles Gulan, Brian Lanier, Justin Hollar, and Tim Harris


The FunGuys

Four friends fiending for favorable fungi. The Mushroom Troupe. Hongo Bros. They-who-laughed-too-much. We have gone by many names, but the truest are:
Brian Lanier: System Design
Justin Hollar: The Magician (rabbits out of hats)
Charles Gulan: The Cad Master
Tim Harris: Myself, The Mushroom Man

As our senior thesis we took on the responsibility of finding a way to reintroduce homeless people to a steady work routine. We think we came up with something pretty good and pretty nuts. We even convinced ourselves it might work.