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A recent shift in has caused American's to reconsider what they deem to be medical and recreational substances. Marijuana, once vilified as a gateway street drug and without medicinal value is now available over-the-counter in many states. Farout explores the story of different street drugs that have been used therapeutically long before they showed up on the black market.

Un-crafting Your Packaging

Noncommon jewelry needs uncommon packaging. Inspiration was taken from industrial, high volume packaging - in some cases directly from medicine. Educational material is presented on the inserted prescription card, while groovy, eye-bending optical illusions are printed on the reverse. Convenient zip-lock bags keep insures safe shipping and storage, while ensuring the client holds onto it.


No Cuts Final Product

Represented are: LSD (acid), MDMA (ecstasy), and Psilocin (magic mushrooms). Three different chemicals that, while previously used therapeutically, are now labeled as street drugs. 

completed jewlery.jpg

Your First is Free

Low and High value (as well as volume) units were considered. Shown are UV reactive bracelets or necklaces that may appeal to the rave scene. Not intending to promote, High Value Sterling Silver and Bronze were decided to be most appropriate.