deBug :: for arduino


It's not pretty, but it actually functions.

A Portable, Any-Voltage Battery Box

Makers Mark:

A cluttered, semi-organized desk with a touch of grime and 2-3 (or 7) unfinished projects. 


Makers Gonna Make:

For projects with electronic components, it is likely a battery pack or some kind of power source will be needed. For an avid maker this can mean building a lot of battery packs. Why? Because who has the time to desolder that other battery pack when you just got your hands on a sweet new wifi-enabled-lipbalm kit? You will use the old one again eventually anyway.


Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 6.02.05 AM.png

Making Meaning of the Makerspace:

Makers are the un-Apple. They are the anti-Jobs. Choosing for the users may reduce user error, but at the sacrifice of a broader set of features. Highly refined aesthetics can be seen as feature-lacking, unserviceable, or delicate. In the iFixit Repair Manifesto, they boldly state that Repair is Sustainable, Requires Creativity, and most importantly for this project: Inspires Pride in Ownership.

An Assault On Batteries

Stacks of batteries aren't necessary when many projects are used infrequently, but with so many different power requirements it is easy to see why there is a buildup of batteries.


Watts Inside:

Using an LM2596 Driven Chip Switching Regulator, voltage can be controlled over a 3.3-40v output range at 80-90% effeciency. By using a series of 4 18650 batteries, the total voltage is 14.7 but the overall potential for WORK is 37 watts. (Thats 3.7Volts*4batteries*2.5Amps)

You can put those Watts to Work. And that means something.

Bug Out:

Poke the big black eye to power the device up. The voltage readout in the center reflects the user-selectable output.

Circuit Breaker

As a safety to prevent over-volting a project and frying it, a recessed spring-loaded dial is used to prevent accidental adjustments.

Button Mechanism:

A Push-button Rotary selection switch is used to control the voltage output.

You Raise Me Up:

Spring-loaded wings on the bug hold and elevate your project like helping hands, proudly displaying the component whether it is in or out of the shop.