An Intimate Toy Designed for Temperature Play


An Intimate Toy Designed for Temperature Play

Turn off the Netflix 

and Chill

Arousing Inspiration:

Physical intimacy is important for most couples. Unfortunately, psychological barriers or 'brakes' are sometimes present preventing satisfaction for both partners. Growing up within a fairly conservative (but candid) circle of friends, I discovered that anorgasmia is a not-uncommon issue within some conservative cultures. In a 2009 paper in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, psychologists found that women’s chance of having an orgasm was much more likely with an extended duration of foreplay. 

Working out the Kinks; Focusing on Form

Temperature play is uncommon outside of the BDSM community - and hot wax and sharp icicles can be scary. Express attention to the form was given to make an approachable, elegant, and beautiful product that would appeal to conservative tastes. Anatomical references were removed and left intentionally ambiguous to encourage playful exploration.


The Tip of The Iceberg; Piqued Interests

The bottom half of the ice mold forms the Peakies and Pokies to provide interesting textures to explore with prior to the ice poles melting!


Fill the all-silicone bottle with water and pop it in your freezer. Discover your own cool ways to play.


ICEolation Innovation

Gripping ice can numb your fingers and melt the ice you are wanting to use. The silicone mold creates heavy gauge threads to grip-but-not-slip, keeping your ice frosty and your fingers frisky! 

I want to put this in the display case along side our other sculptural toys. The best part is you could leave this out anywhere.
— M. (Employee at Good Vibrations) (Real Person)
I haven’t seen anything for temperature play that is so approachable. This can be a great tool to encourage arousal.
— A. (Sex Educator) (Real Person)

Sometimes it is about the journey, and not the destination.