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timothy justin harris

Industrial Designer | Artist | Craftsman

in short

Easily excited. Eclectic. Peculiar. Dead-pan and dry. Plays well with others. Eccentric. I also like lists.

I graduated from SJSU's Industrial Design program in 2017 (they even sent me a diploma). And you might call me old fashioned, but I am presently in search of a full time position doing something awesome for longer than three months.

You could call me a Research Fiend and you would probably be right.  I taught myself to do a lot of things like welding, pyrotechnics, mindfulness, cooking, soap making, photography, and mad chemistry. Whatever it was, I would figure out a way to make it a reality. 

I have a passion for learning and an even bigger passion of being able to share it - and most importantly - be understood. I am working at being concise. 

in preschool

I have heard that what I do might be called a "Disrupter," but I wouldn't call me that. If someone tells me "you can't do a 'thing,'" often that typically means they don't have the know how or it is beyond their scope of expertise. That is okay, but 'you can't' was a constant challenge. I would just call me a Maker. Call me what you want, but here are some goodies from before I ever started Industrial Design.

Oyster Mushroom Selfie

Oyster Mushroom Selfie

In 6th grade I was figuring out how to grow bananas in my bedroom - this developed into a keen interest in tissue culture and botany to where I was growing mushrooms (no, not those kind) and very many varieties of carnivorous plants until about halfway through jr. high. I even imported one from Borneo just because it looked like a toilet. Turns out they discovered one that looks even more like a toilet a few years later. 

In jr. high I became involved with an amateur pyrotechnics guild manufacturing fireworks like the ones you see at sports parks. I learned the chemistry behind it, the manufacturing processes of building mortars and pressing my own stars, and even made miniaturized versions that I hoped wouldn't attract police attention. Usually nothing bad happened.

PopTinForge 1.0

PopTinForge 1.0

One of my high school teachers dropped a bit of sodium into water and it sparked a memory of a reaction I remembered where glycerin would ignite when poured onto a certain oxidizer. That teacher now has a new chemical fire trick, but more importantly: I needed to get my hands on tons of that sodium. Turns out there are people out there that don't want you to have it. How rude.

The obvious next step (in order to avoid all the hurdles) would be to electrolyze it myself. Naturally, I built a forge from a popcorn tin, pearlite, and fireplace cement and melted down some salt and zapped it with lots of amps at 12v. After the chlorine gas dissipated and all the screaming stopped I realized I should probably just stick to melting aluminum. PopTinForge 1.0 didn't last very long under the rigors of backyard metal casting, but I learned a lot about alloying metals and I was able to make SoapBarStamp 1.0 for the soap-making company I started just before starting Industrial Design.

[This is where I gloss over soapwreck, my soap co., entirely.]  

Here are some more recent pictures involving some hobbies that may be deemed relevant to design, such as fire breathing, that will give you an idea of my interests.

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