Car Face.png

3d modeling



Solidworks Models; Keyshot Renders


The Fungi Farm

A coordinated team effort! CAD work was done by Charles Gulan. I handled the staging, lighting, and rendering with Keyshot, superimposing it onto preliminary photography done by Brian Lanier (pictured) and Justin Hollar who added the mushrooms.

Surfacing A Wacky Racer

Part two of solidworks dealt with managing surfacing - not a simple task! I built this Indy/Formula inspired car entirely with surfaces (including the wheels) from a three plan view orthographic projection. Using the new rendering engine in Keyshot 6, realistic plastic textures were achieved using their unique texture mapping system.

Solid Bodies : No Brakes

In our Solidworks 101 modeling course, we constructed a 3d bicycle from solid bodies using extrusions, lofts, boundaries, and sweeps. Minor mechanical parts such as a fasteners were provided to us at no extra charge.