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modeling and rendering



Solidworks Models, Keyshot Renders


The Fungi Farm

A coordinated team effort! CAD work was done by Charles Gulan. I handled the staging, lighting, and rendering with Keyshot. The render was superimposed onto preliminary photography done by Brian Lanier (pictured) and Justin Hollar. He also added the mushrooms. It came out real good.

Surfacing A Wacky Racer

Part two of solidworks dealt with managing surfacing - not a simple task! I built this Indy/Formula inspired car entirely with surfaces (including the wheels) from a three plan view orthographic projection. Using the new rendering engine in Keyshot 6, realistic plastic textures were achieved using their unique texture mapping system.

Solid Bodies : No Brakes

In our Solidworks 101 modeling course, we constructed a 3d bicycle from solid bodies using extrusions, lofts, boundaries, and sweeps. Minor mechanical parts such as a fasteners were provided to us at no extra charge.